live music in the delta


This is the Mississippi Delta, where blues is a culture and a way of life that touches everyone. So ingrained is blues music in our region that it permeates every particle of delta dirt; it’s not just something you hear, it’s something you see, taste and touch.

The impressive roster of famous blues musicians from the region and the amount of blues culture present in the area’s events, businesses and art, make it easy to trace the origins of blues music to the Mississippi Delta.

But the Delta blues isn't the only sound you'll find as you wind your way through the region. Ike Turner's rock and roll has roots in the Delta, as does the blistering guitar work of Edgar and Johnny Winter. Jimmie Rodgers, the father of country music was born in the Delta. Delta music is gospel and country, rock and soul, too.

Explore the past and origins of Delta music in the region’s art galleries, museums and monuments dedicated to famous regional musicians. And experience the current state of music in the Delta in local juke joints, front porches -- or on stage at one of our casinos.

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