You'll find plenty of Delta history in Greenville. Meet the region's earliest residents at the Winterville Indian Mounds Musuem, get the blues at the Highway 61 Blues Museum, or learn about how mighty the Mississippi can be at the 1927 Flood Museum. Outside of Greenville in Leland, there's a tiny museum dedicated to a big star -- Jim Henson -- and his well-loved creation, Kermit the Frog.

But Greenville isn't just the past and its colorful characters. It's a lively center of business and shopping and arts and adventure -- today. You'll find live entertainment (and maybe a little luck) at the casinos on the river banks. There's birding, fishing, hunting, and more at the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge. Go on a hunt for your favorite Mississippi tamale or bite into the steak you selected yourself at Doe's Eat Place.

Book a stay to suit your style in Greenville, from antebellum manor homes like the Thompson House B&B to the resort and spa at Harlow's Casino, or camping in Leroy Percy State Park, Mississippi's oldest and largest park where there are tent and family cabins if you don't want to go rustic.

There's plenty to do, see, and eat right in town -- or make Greenville the base for your Delta adventures.