The blues is a sound that’s about more than just catchy rhymes and rhythm. It’s a language all its own. A confession, a plea, an outcry, a raw style of conversation born from cotton fields, poverty, hard lifestyles and hope. 

For more than a century, the Mississippi Delta has been the emotional heart of it all. More famous blues musicians have come from this area than any other region (or state for that matter) combined. Today, you can still feel that authentic vibe of Mississippi Delta blues history.
From birthplace homes to the gravestones of legends, a road trip through the Delta will open your eyes to the people, places and energy that inspired the sounds of rock n' roll, soul, jazz, country music and some of the most famous blues musicians known to man.

Download the new Mississippi Blues Trail app and make your trip down the trail even more memorable. The Blues Trail app points you to markers, helps you create a custom itinerary with turn-by-turn directions, and lets you download blues classics via iTunes as you stand knee-deep in the cotton fields where the songs were born. The app even connects you with films and recordings that bring the blues to colorful life.

Once again, the guitars moan and the voices croon, staging a private concert for you as you travel the trail.